Savage Indiana Jones

R and R


2nd of July, 1939

Two years of almost uninterrupted boredom, mostly desk duty with the occasional diplomatic or escort flight thrown in. I think I would have gone completely stir crazy, if not for one special mission. Of course all aspects are classified so can’t speak of it or even write about the details.

Father is still insisting that I retire my commission and come home to run our family affairs. No doubt either he or mother made some call that have exiled me to my current duty. I’ve made several appearances to appease him, and remind my younger brothers who the next in line is. Mother is still worried that I will come home in “One of those shiny ‘boxes’,” her euphemism for a military coffin.

I’ve kept discreet tabs on the rest of the team, can’t have the Germans trying to take retribution. I don’t think we were identified at the base, or that a signal was sent out for that matter, but no sense in taking chances. It seems that they are each doing well. The reports from our operatives are fairly bland. Suffice it to say they are all going about their daily routines and lives. I have a suspicion that they are only letting our operatives see what they want them to see.

Still no news on the strange German soldiers the team and I encountered off the coast of Australia. And still no sign of Mitchell-Hedges, as far as British Intelligence can tell. I was tempted to contact Hezekiah, but didn’t want to make him nervous. One would think that even if Mitchell-Hedges were dead, news of his demise would have made the news, considering he is fairly well known in the academic communities. Call coming through, hopefully this will be better news…

Rafe Armytage



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