Savage Indiana Jones

Hell in its Eye

Last of SanFran

With my blade I smashed another one of the demon foo dogs. After taking out most of the cultists things got even weirder and now I had to get my hands dirty, all up close and personal. Rafe had stayed up top with his rifle taking pot-shots. Chuck was dealing with his father; Indy hadn’t swung in to help yet.

“I thought you said you had that one!” I shouted at him as one of the statue beasts lunged towards me.

“I said angry, not down.” Rafe replied. I spun and brought my blade down smashing it’s head.

“You made it angry, I made it dead!” I flashed the Brit a thumbs up. He didn’t seem amused. Whatever. Can’t always make others appreciate how competent I am.

A mist grew around the slayed beast, rising from the remains. Like the ghost of a topple Ming vase. “It seems you and I have different definitions of the word dead.” Bastard. Now was not a time for his ego. It seemed this vase was pissed and was going to be back with a vengeance. I couldn’t pursue the ghost immediately, I had his little foo buddy to deal with.

Not that is was difficult though. Damn statues are hollow, cheap; must have been made in China.

Very soon there were other enemies to be dealt with. The dead were rising from their slumber, something I’m not wholly accustomed to, but with those damned Aztecs and their magic, and the tattoo that still seems to move. Well let’st just say that once you’ve seen the world doesn’t work how you think, an open mind has you.

I was about to take of a zombies head but.


Sigh. I turn towards the ledge and shrug. “You really don’t want me to get ahead of you.” How petty could he get taking what was obviously my target.

After the fighting it seemed Chuck’s dad was dead. I really don’t want to think about that, being possessed and then having your humanity slowly drained away, withering into a shadow of who you are with no power even over your own body. I really, really need to stop thinking about this. Instead I should worry about what I should have for breakfast tomorrow. I heard this city has great clam chowder.



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