Savage Indiana Jones

A Hell Beneath High Water

The clam chowder had been a bad idea.

Fourteen hours of flying afterward didn’t help matters.

I can barely remember what had happened, Rafe’s organization was concerned with the Germans. And there was an ex-soldier turned priest who had some plans or something, but they shot him down, and we picked him up.

They asked me if I could watch the boat. I guess I must have at leasted seemed lucid enough. Actually now that I think about it I must have had some conscious of mind, because now I recall really tossing some Nazis around.

I was there watching the boat when gunfire started breaking out, down the coast near a building. Hopefully my friends had cover. I would have to go help them either way. Naturally they can’t be trusted to manage themselves. The soldiers didn’t see me coming. With a single kick I had knocked out a machine gunner, and then began a grid through the ranks. I did sustain a minor wound through my left shoulder, but otherwise I was a war machine.

I mean even while I as stuck at the machine gun these bastards still couldn’t hit me. My adrenaline was pumping and my heart was pumping back at its normal speed.

There was one more communications building and a guard tower. I managed to take out the tower with a tank, can’t remember which lever was fire though. Rafe hung up the one officer in the communications building. Then we hijacked the submarine at the base and headed down.

We had two sets of plans that weren’t matching, and the comm building uses and odd signal for the construction crews. The Obvious Conclusion? Two bases and a magic portal between them. Duh!

I was bothered as we drove through. It was claustrophobia though. It was the machines and cranes moving metal back and forth between a base and a portal. The Nazis on the radio warned us not to head through the portal as we bluffed our way onto the forward base. They were concerned of the beast beyond the shimming window to another world.

They called it Leviathan.

I’m guessing they ain’t talking about the Hobbesian right to rule. No, they live with that leviathan every day.

Guess we’re talking about Job’s. You know the one, shell like shields layered upon eachother, impenetrable to arrow spear or sword, viscous claws to tear asunder, lighting shooting from it’s mouth, the works. What the hell are these idiots getting into? Generally speaking when there’s a beast around that can chew you to shreds you avoid it right? Or is this desire to not be eviscerated something only I have.

If you had seen the crafts this thing had got itself onto. I mean, construction cranes freak me out(a different story for a different time). These teeth marks are a close second though.

While undercover I check into the main control room. There were some faceless iron-cross wearing fella who I really hope to avoid. Something wrong with their complexion. Then I got to pretend I was German and got to see the enormous super weapon they were building, but that will have to wait until later.



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