Savage Indiana Jones

Chuck Lament

My feelings fight each other like two samurai in a doomed contest of equally matched skills— both will die, yet they cannot put aside the duel. On the one side, I am tormented by my sadness for my father, who died well in the end, trying to withstand a demon’s will; on the other hand, I feel that perhaps he, or I, have dishonoured our family by these actions.

Because I dealt the blow that ended his possession, and his true life, at his own request. Had I not entered into this life of activism, and adventure, perhaps he would not have been drawn into the web of lies and dark magic that caused his loss from the world. My mother’s life will is a hollow shell, our name is cast with dark spatters— it is my fault? Is it his?

And how can I avenge him? These thoughts war within me, disturbing my rest each night, and running through my waking mind at all times. I feel as if I must burst out, destroy something, and the next moment, I have a tender care for the world that still is, and weep that my father cannot see it now, and more, because I let the past keep us apart for too long. And now, it is too late. 



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