Savage Indiana Jones

The Adventure Begins

Rafe Armytage
After a long and semi-awkward & harrowing journey through the jungle we arrived at the temple. The first night of the expedition we encountered Mitchell-Hedges as our two groups were camping near one another. Much later as we tried to cross a rickety bridge we were ambushed. After making it across the chasm we found evidence that it may have been Mitchell-Hedges who was responsible for staging the ambush. After investigating several rooms we found a young Mayan girl drawing a picture of Mary in a room that contained many fireworks.

Interludes: 7, 3, & 5

Exploration and Ambush

Rafe Armytage
Hedges is many things, a pompous dandy, an obnoxious blowhard, but he is persistent. I awoke with a gun in my face. I also found that the rest of the camp had been captured. Thankfully the imbeciles didn’t search me and I still had my brass knuckles. We were able to scare Hedges group off, my father would have been completely aghast that “His Son” resorted to fisticuffs like a common street thug.

Interludes: 6

Mary Middlemass Says

I carefully leafed through the pages Professor Oxley had graciously allowed me to borrow. I could recognize maybe a third of the character, but I had never seen them arranged in this form. I wish I hadn’t skipped that advanced ancient Mayan class. It could have been of use. It really wasn’t as if I had a choice though. Tang Shing was rebuilding the triad; after all the work I did to put that beast down, there was no way I was going to let it revive.

Our guide stepped next to me and offered me a bowl of stone grey mush. I nod, taking and meal and place it next to myself to get back to the letters. I didn’t really know much about him, but I was happy we had someone who knew how to deal with this jungle, and snakes, and flys. Damn, pests!

A gunshot echoes through the trees, I open my sore eyes(I was only resting them), and see Chuck dashing towards the noise. I tie the folder, drop it, and grab my violing case and follow.

Mitchel Hedger sat in the clearing, a few faceless thugs stood around him and “I’m sorry Irene dearm I do know how you were looking forward to hearing those pop tunes.”

“Ah Mary, why is it that someone like you does business with these rufians. I would offer you a seat if you would be so inclined.”

“Sorry, U’m no trophy.” Though the personality who seemed to be the trophy here wore a sword as well. Harpy, the goddess of battle is motif. How dare she. She smiled at me. The men got into a pissing fight after that, I was stuck in that nasty stare.

“Would you like some wine?” Mitch took a glass offering it to me. I took it and emptied it to the ground, letting the earth drink the luxorious wine. His hand touched mine as I did so, and a heat spread up my arm and acrossmy body. I shivered as if caught in a cold morning breeze. Suddenly flustered I bring my hand to my chest. His hand grips my arm tightly, I look up into his eyes. They looked through me, like sunlight glancing through glass. Click, my hands snapped the top button from my blouse(Wait what?). But my heart just kept beating faster, faster than that I’ve ever felt. My face must have been redder than even the wine I had spilled. My lips slightly open-

Huh? I blinked. What! No. What!!!

I had no idea what the hell I was felt, anymore. I had manages to escape the group, now hiding back where I left the papers, trying to wipe away tears of confusion. They wouldn’t stop coming. Why couldn’t I think; how did he? I thought I was stronger than that. Chuck showed up and mentioned something about dinner, champagne and lobster, or crab if I was unlikely. “Lobster sounds nice,” I mangaged to get out, crying into my hands.

Wandering the Corridors

I was the last of the group that was tested. Everyone else had seemed tense, but there were all cleared. It must have been something about that snake; it obviously had it out for me. It’s not my fault it didn’t take kindly to me. I was sincere! I was….

The two clans apparently have a history of tension between each other, Skulls and Snakes (I should remember that one for my autobiography, great chapter header). The test has put us in alignment with the reptilian side of the pair. Allegedly the skull clan is for of murderers and brutes, but the little girl before seemed alright. That painting, that was weird. Moving on…

After the test, we were given the chance to don some of the snake clan’s clothing, well except for me – stupid snake! The group decided we best keep moving, and not paint ourselves as targets for the skull heads. Our goal is to find that crystal skull we saw in the hands of one of the priests when we entered the this pyramid. It’s felt like we’ve been inside here forever, though probably only a few hours. I miss the city, when I could be in and out in an hour, with the MacGuffin (read it in a movie magazine once). Well, I guess I don’t miss the spray of bullets at me, but you win some you lose some I guess.

The temple is a mess. You would think they would clear out the place every now and then. It is supposed to be holy to them right? There are pests everywhere. Clawed, toothed, vicious beasts. I let the others take care of them, not that I’m afraid or anything. It’s just that if you’ve got men who are good with guns behind you, let them do there thing.

Of course if you always give them their fun they’ll start acting as if you’re some idiot girl who can’t tell the handle from the barrel. Sure, I might no have the arm to hold a magnum, that doesn’t mean I can’t aim a derringer. I know how to shoot damn it. So when Irene asks if I know if the safety is on, know close I was to dropping her: dame close, that is! Well, not that close, it isn’t like I want to kill anybody.

Off one pathway I remember hearing people chanting to the sky god, the one I was painted with by that child. We moved in the opposite direction, but I’m still feeling uncomfortable about this entire situation. Things are not right here; something is wrong, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Momentary Separation

Rafe Armytage

As the rest of the Party went further into the temple I hung back to investigate a wall carving.

Interludes 2

Arrogance is in the Eye of the Beholder

Getting slashed down the chest hurts, but it’s not like it was really my fault. I am an expert when it comes to the sword. She must have used some screwy magic or something. And it’s not like I wasn’t fighting one handed or anything.

I was peacefully enjoying the Serpent clan’s chanting ceremony, singing along as the words entered my head from I don’t really know wear, enjoying the feeling of the comfy black dress given to me.
Apparently the party I was with was beating the crap out of some of the guards placed at the door to, as I thought, protect me. Oh, yeah, and I’m the chosen one, perhaps I should go back a bit further.

I was never much good at politics, but around here it seems we have a two class system. The oppressive House of Skull that wears snake regalia, with a skull tattoo on their skin, and the currently rebelling Snake House that wears skull masks and have snake tattoos. The Skulls apparently practice human sacrifice: pretty much a big no-no in my book. Earlier my comrades on this endeavor managed to align themselves with the Skulls (that event with the snake that I mentioned before). Which caused the little scuffle later that I, skillfully, managed to diffuse.

Anyway, the priest with the magical “Crystal Skull” is apparently a skull, wait, he wore a skull mask. Damnit, why can’t these native at least be consistent with their costuming!

Anyway, we found the skull, and there is some very funky mojo around it. It talked to me, and I’m afraid in my fluster I might have made it think I was an idiot. That doesn’t matter though, because well, I’m the chosen one. From what I can tell, that means later I’m going to get to dance with the very handsome sky god. That means there’s no possible way that I’m going to die bleeding on the floor after mortal combat with that batty harlot.

So, I took the chance to keep most of the prayer people distracted, hoping the violence behind them would calm down for a second and we could figure out what the problem is (you see I was still confused when it came to the whole house problem; it really only made sense when I related them to the ganges I’m used to in the city: the skulls were the Minotaur Triad and the Snakes were the Red Brokers). Turns out people really only listen to very loud shouting.

At least they responded better this time than the whole “school girl can’t shoot” scandal. Damn that still makes me sick when I think about it. Next thing I know and they will be saying I can’t read a map.

Anyway, thanks to my esteemed position, that affair was ended with minimal bloodshed.

Pros/Cons of being the Chosen One
Pro: Stylish snake tattoo / Con: I will never be able to wear short sleeves in polite society ever again
Pro: I got to see the universe from a mightily high perspective / Con: I got to see the universe from a mightily high perspective
Pro: I have power / Con: I have some responsibility that I don’t completely comprehend
Con: Crazy Batwife Demigoddess Amazon that joyfully tries to rip me apart
Con: All of my friends got the wrong tattoo
Con: Why if the Sky Lord manages to be a total nerf-herder. You can never be sure with those divine types. One moment they want a lamb for dinner, and next, broosh the entire planet is covered in water.

Only the best can be the chosen one, and, well, who else but me. ;)

Initial Impressions and Surprises

Rafe Armytage

My initial impressions of the group were interesting. Having met some of the group before I was pleasantly surprised that I had worked with a couple of them before.

I heard a commotion from down the hall. As I entered the hall I saw Mary lying on the floor with an Amazon standing over her. After dealing with the Warrior Priestesses and healed Mary, we found their dining room and took up a watch to try and recover.
We moved back to the rotating rooms and decided to try some of the paths we had yet to go down. The path we choose had a sarcophagus guarded by a couple of white apes. Sam tranquilized the apes we opened the sarcophagus. Which contained a young girl who looked a lot like Mary…

Interludes: 1 & 4

Glancing Away

It isn’t that I’m afraid, no, of course not. I mean, it’s really just a dead body, mummified yes, but still just that.

I just, don’t much fancy seeing what I might look like in a thousand years time. I mean, the drawing that looked like me earlier, and now this Lady K’abel and Tepayu, tis sky god. Everything thing here is really just a mess.

Was this really that a job, I mean all we came here to do was find this stupid skull. Now I’ll never to be able to go out in a proper summer dress again, with the snake tattoo and all.

At least I’m not dead I guess. That’s one thing I have on this corpse. She might have been a queen, but I don’t see her kicking around New York, takng names. And no, I refuse to believe we are the same person. We may look the same, and I am sure that both of mght have a bit of an ego problem – or had in her case.

I am not a queen though. K’abel doen’t run around the city kicking criminals in the knee-caps.

Serpent Agents

Ageo Serrano was an engineer in Sao Luis, Mexico, developing pesticide spraying devices for aircraft. Nine months ago he married Sophie Abrego. The happy couple traveled to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon and settled into an upscale apartment. After a night of dancing and dinner, a very happy

Ageo returned to his apartment and found a fist-sized turquoise serpent on his pillow. Ageo hid it from his wife and snuck out of the house while she was sleeping.

Salviano Lerma was a waiter in Cacapava, Guatemala. During the day he apprenticed with the chef, preparing to take over the position of assistant cook, when the current assistant retired in October. Exhausted, he collapsed in his one-room apartment and slept blissful sleep. That isn’t to say his life was all toil. There was a cantina beneath his apartment that hired the finest mariachi bands. He’d go downstairs to enjoy food and drink and music, or he’d just life in his bed, looking out the open windows, watching the sunlight be distorted by the sheer curtains dancing in the breeze. He came back to his apartment one night, placed a plate of food he’d prepared to eat, went into the washroom to shower the sweat from his body and came out to find a fist-sized turquoise serpent placed on top of his enchiladas. Salviano left without eating his dinner.

Ten days later, atop of a lost pyramid in Mexico, Salviano slowly crept out from behind the statue of Camazotz and slit the archaeologist’s lookout, sent up to the roof from inside the Tepeu statue to survey the lost city. Ten minutes later, a second member of the archaeologist’s team went up the statue. Ageo shot him in the throat with a crossbow.

Salviano and Ageo took the dead men’s clothes and stashed the corpses inside the secret storage compartment along the low western wall. Whispering praises to the House of Serpents, focusing on the loved ones snatched from their lives and sacrificed by the House of Skulls, the agents grew restless and hungry for revenge.

They’d been told by their contact that the Chosen One for the House of Skulls was coming, and it was up to Salviano and Ageo to destroy her before she aided the Skulls.

Twelve hours later, on their knees, hands on their heads, very aware they were wearing dead men’s clothes, Salviano and Ageo paid no mind to the rifle-toting Brit. They seethed in rage at the approach of Mary Middlemass, the woman who would help the Skulls once and for all destroy the Serpents. The mission had failed. The Chosen One departed with her companions.

The agents wrestled with their bounds, but it was too late. They could hear the boulder trap triggered. The two men looked at each other. Ageo had already freed his hands from the ropes, but there was no getting ahead of the boulder. They would not be able to knock the Chosen One to the ground in front of the boulder, ensuring it crushed her as well as the Skull prophesy.

After a long fifteen seconds, the Serpent agents heard the repeated echoes sealing their doom. The boulder had made it to the end of its run. Whether the Chosen One had survived or not was unknown. As for Ageo and Salviano, their failure was complete. Salviano nodded to Ageo, who unholstered thedead man’s pistol, aimed it at the waiter and pulled the trigger before turning the gun on himself.

An Untimely Exit

We left the two mercenaries and the rats behind, and it seemed the others had found the exit we were looking for. I was still too busy staring at my hands, it isn:t every day that you start channeling Aztec voodoo. And Skulls? How corny is that? I mean, next time we turn around snakes will be pouring out of some cultist:s eyes, with wings. Snakes with Wings. Hopefully whatever I have still works when that happens…


My thoughts scattered, and I turned my head to see check behind us, and ran, inner voices screaming horrid profanities unsuitable to be written.

After the round about trip with the false treasure and the pendulum, we had circumvented the halls and were neaer again to the entrance. My bootprint recognizable in the dust. Half of us thought it was the best idea to keep going east, or I think it was east, beging underground is such a pain sometimes.

But nooooo…. Oxley just had to check out that one last room; the one room with the living corpes ready to chew us to bits. I mean, I nailed one right through the eye on the first move, but it’s not like we found anything really worth it, just an amulet and a couple bracelets barely worth a pittance. And we wasted some perfectly good bullets as well.

It was a good thing I was too winded by all the running to vocalize the profanities dancing through my head, otherwise my reputation might never recover. For some reason the hallway just kept getting longer, and longer…. and longer. Chuck dashed far ahead, and I managed to keep going fast enough not to be squashed. I would probaby suffer later for it though.

We broke through the darkness and I was blinded. It sounded like there was a war going on. Then we were attacked, and I grabbed a spear I think, then tried to use my magic again; which may or may not have caused no effect whatsoever. The sun had blinded me. Hopefully our situation isn’t that bad. I mean what’s the worst it could be?


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