Mary Middlemass

Evil doers beware! The Investigative Crime-Fighter Extraodinaire



Mary Middlemass

Agility D8, Smart D8, Strength D4 – > D6, Spirit D4, Vigor D6

Skills : Fighting D8
, Shooting D6
, Knowledge(Languages) D6
, Knowledge Business D4
, Streetwise D4 – > D6 → D8
, Investigation D6 → D8
, Swim D4
, Climb D4
, Notice D4 – > D6
, Drive D4

Major : One Arm
Minor : Phobia Construction Zones
, Stubborn

Attractive (2 Charisma)
, Acrobat (
2 to nimbleness, 1 to parry)
, Combat Reflexes (
2 to recover from Shaken)
, Investigator (2 to investigation and streetwise)(can’t take yet, instead taking Skill die increase in investigation and streetwise)
, Martial Artist (never considered unarmed = str + d4 when attacking unarmed)
Pace 6”, Parry 6 – > 7, Toughness 5(
2/4 flak jacket), Charisma 2

  • 25 Swiss Army Knife

  • 200 short sword strd6

  • 300 2 .44 derringers 2d6+1

  • 80 flack jacket weight 12

  • 5 umbrella

  • 75 regular camera

  • 20 flashlight

  • 195 cash 600 sedan acc 6 ts 26 tough 9(3) 1 drive 4 passengers

Improvements bt EXP
, Investigator (+2 to investigation and streetwise)
, Charasmatic +2 charisma


1 Age 0 – 14 development and characterization
Mary was born to a wealthy family on the east coast of America. Her father maintained a wealthy construction business, but both he and her mother were distant in her childhood. She was cared for mostly by tutors and maids. My best friend was my teacher Mr. Li who my father hired to rehabilitate me after the accident. He forced me to learn Chinese as he wouldn’t speak English but taught me more about life than any other person.
2 How did you meet Indy?
Mary met Indy at Princeton in 1934 after taking his class. During that season some very rare and expensive Ming vases were stolen. During the Investigation Indy required a translator and Mary happened to be on hand. She immediately jumps aboard, and doesn’t get killed.
3 A novel starring your character using “and the” or vs
Mary Middlemas vs. Marauding Minotaur Triad

Definitely not mere student, Mary Middlemas pulls us through the dark underbelly of New York fighting the thieves and assassins of the Minotaur Triad bent on the collection of priceless artifacts. But when the Triad has an eye in every window and their hands holding the authorities strings, can she bring the criminals to justice?

Investigator, Martial Artist

4 Your character guest stars in another’s novel.
Guest Star: Mary’s vacation in Australia is interrupted when Armitage the British Pilot throws a hired thug through the window of her hotel suite. She joins him in his heroics, and helps him beat the mysteries, and thugs, that stand in his way.

5. Your character makes a cameo in another character’s story.
Wing Lee Chan
Cameo: After her ruined vacation in Australia, Mary is returning home. While collecting her bag, Wing Lee Chan runs by behind her chased by anti semites. Mary looks over her shoulder confused by the noise but sees only the path of chaos left behind.

Mary Middlemass

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