Savage Indiana Jones

Wandering the Corridors

I was the last of the group that was tested. Everyone else had seemed tense, but there were all cleared. It must have been something about that snake; it obviously had it out for me. It’s not my fault it didn’t take kindly to me. I was sincere! I was….

The two clans apparently have a history of tension between each other, Skulls and Snakes (I should remember that one for my autobiography, great chapter header). The test has put us in alignment with the reptilian side of the pair. Allegedly the skull clan is for of murderers and brutes, but the little girl before seemed alright. That painting, that was weird. Moving on…

After the test, we were given the chance to don some of the snake clan’s clothing, well except for me – stupid snake! The group decided we best keep moving, and not paint ourselves as targets for the skull heads. Our goal is to find that crystal skull we saw in the hands of one of the priests when we entered the this pyramid. It’s felt like we’ve been inside here forever, though probably only a few hours. I miss the city, when I could be in and out in an hour, with the MacGuffin (read it in a movie magazine once). Well, I guess I don’t miss the spray of bullets at me, but you win some you lose some I guess.

The temple is a mess. You would think they would clear out the place every now and then. It is supposed to be holy to them right? There are pests everywhere. Clawed, toothed, vicious beasts. I let the others take care of them, not that I’m afraid or anything. It’s just that if you’ve got men who are good with guns behind you, let them do there thing.

Of course if you always give them their fun they’ll start acting as if you’re some idiot girl who can’t tell the handle from the barrel. Sure, I might no have the arm to hold a magnum, that doesn’t mean I can’t aim a derringer. I know how to shoot damn it. So when Irene asks if I know if the safety is on, know close I was to dropping her: dame close, that is! Well, not that close, it isn’t like I want to kill anybody.

Off one pathway I remember hearing people chanting to the sky god, the one I was painted with by that child. We moved in the opposite direction, but I’m still feeling uncomfortable about this entire situation. Things are not right here; something is wrong, but I can’t put my finger on it.



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