Savage Indiana Jones

Serpent Agents

Ageo Serrano was an engineer in Sao Luis, Mexico, developing pesticide spraying devices for aircraft. Nine months ago he married Sophie Abrego. The happy couple traveled to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon and settled into an upscale apartment. After a night of dancing and dinner, a very happy

Ageo returned to his apartment and found a fist-sized turquoise serpent on his pillow. Ageo hid it from his wife and snuck out of the house while she was sleeping.

Salviano Lerma was a waiter in Cacapava, Guatemala. During the day he apprenticed with the chef, preparing to take over the position of assistant cook, when the current assistant retired in October. Exhausted, he collapsed in his one-room apartment and slept blissful sleep. That isn’t to say his life was all toil. There was a cantina beneath his apartment that hired the finest mariachi bands. He’d go downstairs to enjoy food and drink and music, or he’d just life in his bed, looking out the open windows, watching the sunlight be distorted by the sheer curtains dancing in the breeze. He came back to his apartment one night, placed a plate of food he’d prepared to eat, went into the washroom to shower the sweat from his body and came out to find a fist-sized turquoise serpent placed on top of his enchiladas. Salviano left without eating his dinner.

Ten days later, atop of a lost pyramid in Mexico, Salviano slowly crept out from behind the statue of Camazotz and slit the archaeologist’s lookout, sent up to the roof from inside the Tepeu statue to survey the lost city. Ten minutes later, a second member of the archaeologist’s team went up the statue. Ageo shot him in the throat with a crossbow.

Salviano and Ageo took the dead men’s clothes and stashed the corpses inside the secret storage compartment along the low western wall. Whispering praises to the House of Serpents, focusing on the loved ones snatched from their lives and sacrificed by the House of Skulls, the agents grew restless and hungry for revenge.

They’d been told by their contact that the Chosen One for the House of Skulls was coming, and it was up to Salviano and Ageo to destroy her before she aided the Skulls.

Twelve hours later, on their knees, hands on their heads, very aware they were wearing dead men’s clothes, Salviano and Ageo paid no mind to the rifle-toting Brit. They seethed in rage at the approach of Mary Middlemass, the woman who would help the Skulls once and for all destroy the Serpents. The mission had failed. The Chosen One departed with her companions.

The agents wrestled with their bounds, but it was too late. They could hear the boulder trap triggered. The two men looked at each other. Ageo had already freed his hands from the ropes, but there was no getting ahead of the boulder. They would not be able to knock the Chosen One to the ground in front of the boulder, ensuring it crushed her as well as the Skull prophesy.

After a long fifteen seconds, the Serpent agents heard the repeated echoes sealing their doom. The boulder had made it to the end of its run. Whether the Chosen One had survived or not was unknown. As for Ageo and Salviano, their failure was complete. Salviano nodded to Ageo, who unholstered thedead man’s pistol, aimed it at the waiter and pulled the trigger before turning the gun on himself.



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