Savage Indiana Jones

Mary Middlemass Says

I carefully leafed through the pages Professor Oxley had graciously allowed me to borrow. I could recognize maybe a third of the character, but I had never seen them arranged in this form. I wish I hadn’t skipped that advanced ancient Mayan class. It could have been of use. It really wasn’t as if I had a choice though. Tang Shing was rebuilding the triad; after all the work I did to put that beast down, there was no way I was going to let it revive.

Our guide stepped next to me and offered me a bowl of stone grey mush. I nod, taking and meal and place it next to myself to get back to the letters. I didn’t really know much about him, but I was happy we had someone who knew how to deal with this jungle, and snakes, and flys. Damn, pests!

A gunshot echoes through the trees, I open my sore eyes(I was only resting them), and see Chuck dashing towards the noise. I tie the folder, drop it, and grab my violing case and follow.

Mitchel Hedger sat in the clearing, a few faceless thugs stood around him and “I’m sorry Irene dearm I do know how you were looking forward to hearing those pop tunes.”

“Ah Mary, why is it that someone like you does business with these rufians. I would offer you a seat if you would be so inclined.”

“Sorry, U’m no trophy.” Though the personality who seemed to be the trophy here wore a sword as well. Harpy, the goddess of battle is motif. How dare she. She smiled at me. The men got into a pissing fight after that, I was stuck in that nasty stare.

“Would you like some wine?” Mitch took a glass offering it to me. I took it and emptied it to the ground, letting the earth drink the luxorious wine. His hand touched mine as I did so, and a heat spread up my arm and acrossmy body. I shivered as if caught in a cold morning breeze. Suddenly flustered I bring my hand to my chest. His hand grips my arm tightly, I look up into his eyes. They looked through me, like sunlight glancing through glass. Click, my hands snapped the top button from my blouse(Wait what?). But my heart just kept beating faster, faster than that I’ve ever felt. My face must have been redder than even the wine I had spilled. My lips slightly open-

Huh? I blinked. What! No. What!!!

I had no idea what the hell I was felt, anymore. I had manages to escape the group, now hiding back where I left the papers, trying to wipe away tears of confusion. They wouldn’t stop coming. Why couldn’t I think; how did he? I thought I was stronger than that. Chuck showed up and mentioned something about dinner, champagne and lobster, or crab if I was unlikely. “Lobster sounds nice,” I mangaged to get out, crying into my hands.



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