Savage Indiana Jones

Glancing Away

It isn’t that I’m afraid, no, of course not. I mean, it’s really just a dead body, mummified yes, but still just that.

I just, don’t much fancy seeing what I might look like in a thousand years time. I mean, the drawing that looked like me earlier, and now this Lady K’abel and Tepayu, tis sky god. Everything thing here is really just a mess.

Was this really that a job, I mean all we came here to do was find this stupid skull. Now I’ll never to be able to go out in a proper summer dress again, with the snake tattoo and all.

At least I’m not dead I guess. That’s one thing I have on this corpse. She might have been a queen, but I don’t see her kicking around New York, takng names. And no, I refuse to believe we are the same person. We may look the same, and I am sure that both of mght have a bit of an ego problem – or had in her case.

I am not a queen though. K’abel doen’t run around the city kicking criminals in the knee-caps.



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