Savage Indiana Jones

An Untimely Exit

We left the two mercenaries and the rats behind, and it seemed the others had found the exit we were looking for. I was still too busy staring at my hands, it isn:t every day that you start channeling Aztec voodoo. And Skulls? How corny is that? I mean, next time we turn around snakes will be pouring out of some cultist:s eyes, with wings. Snakes with Wings. Hopefully whatever I have still works when that happens…


My thoughts scattered, and I turned my head to see check behind us, and ran, inner voices screaming horrid profanities unsuitable to be written.

After the round about trip with the false treasure and the pendulum, we had circumvented the halls and were neaer again to the entrance. My bootprint recognizable in the dust. Half of us thought it was the best idea to keep going east, or I think it was east, beging underground is such a pain sometimes.

But nooooo…. Oxley just had to check out that one last room; the one room with the living corpes ready to chew us to bits. I mean, I nailed one right through the eye on the first move, but it’s not like we found anything really worth it, just an amulet and a couple bracelets barely worth a pittance. And we wasted some perfectly good bullets as well.

It was a good thing I was too winded by all the running to vocalize the profanities dancing through my head, otherwise my reputation might never recover. For some reason the hallway just kept getting longer, and longer…. and longer. Chuck dashed far ahead, and I managed to keep going fast enough not to be squashed. I would probaby suffer later for it though.

We broke through the darkness and I was blinded. It sounded like there was a war going on. Then we were attacked, and I grabbed a spear I think, then tried to use my magic again; which may or may not have caused no effect whatsoever. The sun had blinded me. Hopefully our situation isn’t that bad. I mean what’s the worst it could be?



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